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    Grid Dot Indigo Horizon


    40 x 40

    Perfect Square Horizon Story


    40 x 40

    The Little Jewels: Ivory, Black, grey, and Gold


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo and Gold #1


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo and Gold #2


    16 x 16

    Little Jewels: Indigo and Gold #3


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo, Blue, Periwinkle


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo Gold #1


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo Gold #2


    16 x 16

    The Little Jewels: Indigo Gold #3


    16 x 16

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    The Watercolor Story Series


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  • Funori Watercolor Process

    All of my watercolor paintings are mixed from pigment by hand, creating unique, one-of-a-kind hues. Pigments come from all over the world and are light-durable, synthetic, and non toxic whenever possible.


    In addition to gum arabic, the age-old watercolor binder, the pieces heavily use funori, a Japanese seaweed. Often used in archival book binding, the funori is used to lift and carry dense pure pigments over the paper with a unique body and flow not often seen in traditional watercolor.


    The paper is beautiful 100% cotton Coventry Rag Legion made, like the artist, in the early 1970s, and is uniquely able to take the process. It was created largely for Erte, and had a certain stability in the gold leaf he used in his work. How it handles the metallic pigments and the dense layers is why it is the preferred paper above all others for the process.

    The Fibonacci series is often used in my work to create patterns with the beauty and nuance of the numbers. The I Ching, with its patterns of lines coming forever down, up, and rising through the random noise to give us insight into the nature of change, is another patterning influence.


    The patterns are laid in using a latex white, and despite much experimentation, the best resist is still Jackson Pollack's favorite, house paint. I also mix it with silk painting resists. This causes a ghosting and patterning around the resist, which is really beautiful and works perfectly with the paper.


    Hundreds of test strikes are made, testing the various aspects of the pigment and the paint's ability to adhere and blend. These small paintings litter the floor of the studio, and are the cards that so many Meatpacking and exhibition friends enjoy.


    Live with beauty.

    The newest works feature shimmery pigments that wink their light refraction like ghosts in the room.


    While large sheets of Coventry Rag are prepared for the major paintings. Each batch of paint is made fresh for the batch of paintings to come. Colors are mixed in family groups together; blacks and blues, yellows and golds, browns and oranges...


    Each piece is worked with 2 - 10 others of like colors and must dry fully between color cycles. This usually takes 3 - 4 days. I prefer to spread out over a large studio so the paintings won't be disturbed. During their dry, the paint evaporates and becomes the next layer of the final piece.


    There is no right way to look at these beauties. Turn them around and upside down, I make them on a table that spins so the right way is your way. The mica pigments change depending on the angle and light you see them under.


    So, let them get a little sun, live with them, love them. These aren't just paintings, they are life long friends.


    Here is a sample recipe and information if you are curious about how to make watercolor.

  • Custom Paintings:

    It's the new style

    Paintings, like fashion, are an interpretation of the time we live. The world goes grey, neon, shimmers or goes eternal blue or radiant red.


    I work to your designer colors to collaborate with the buyers in a unique art experience.

    My art is constantly influenced by your ideas and concepts.

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