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Beacon Street Heart Breaker

Stealing hearts, the painting Sacred Heart inspires new owners to find their own paintings

The stately house on Beacon Street in Boston is a gorgeous home, and when the new owners saw the painting Sacred Heart during a walk through with their realtor, they wanted the piece to come with the house. Sacred Hearts owners declined to sell the painting, leaving the new homeowners with a need for their own paintings.

They made the trip down from Boston to the Gansevoort Market spot near the Highline in the meatpacking in NYC and made an appointment to see work similar to Sacred Heart.

I always know when a sale is meant to be when the paintings are purchased with the furniture when the walls are freshly painted, and placed as part of the whole beginning of a new life.

Several clients have given me this honor, and the fact that they found me through one of my favorite paintings, really made this a very special sale

The spaces flanking the fireplace asked for similar, but not matchy-matchy pieces so they chose one of my custom made Billionaires (no surprise there a favorite choice of many of my favorite clients) with a stock grid dot piece with similar paint pattering to the Billionaire to live as a sibling set flankingthe fireplace.

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